Rexville Grocery Was Built In 1935

Under Construction

Rexville Grocery Construction Photo

Circa 1935

Open For Business

A Gas Station, Grocery Store 

and Auto Repair Garage

Circa 1935

Local Gathering Spot

Many Generations Continue To Gather 

At Rexville Grocery

Circa Early 1940's

Original Location

Originally Built Down The Road Near The

Old Draw Bride, The Main Building Was

Relocated To The Current Location in 1957.

The Garage Remains 

At The Original Location

Circa Late 1930's

Employment Center

Many Generations Have Earned 

A Living Over The Decades. 

Circa Late 1940's


Rexville Grocery Was Also Home 

For Many Familes 

Circa Late 1940's


A Good Ol Fashioned Mom & Pop Shop